Friday, September 18, 2009

School Pigeon Project

     The new school group in Oklahoma recently got started with their loft project. At the Keystone Adventure School And Farm, the students take care of animals that live at the school.

     They had a loft christening combined with a book reading. A recently completed children’s book, “Emma Doesn’t Want To Race Today!” is a story about a homing pigeon named Emma that prefers to sightsee along Route 66 rather than race. Local author, Dr. Hall Duncan, takes the reader along on the trip with Emma sharing tidbits of educational information about the various stops along the route. Emma is named after Dr. Duncan’s real life granddaughter.

     The school decorated the halls with “welcome” drawings to greet Dr. Duncan upon his arrival for the reading. The school, Dr. Duncan, and the American Racing Pigeon Union worked together to have a reading and bird release to initiate the loft project at the school.

     Dr. Duncan read through the book, enlisting participation from students. Emma, Dr. Duncan’s granddaughter, joined him to assist with the christening.

     When the reading was finished, Mr. Jim Steele did a presentation and explained the bird’s body and how the bird races. For fun the class decided to send a message to the world, attached to the release pigeon, so when the pigeon Emma arrived at the loft, the message could be passed on.

     Everyone went outside to take part in the bird release. Mr. Steele showed a few of the students how to hold the pigeons, and then on the count of three, the pigeons were released, including Emma, with the message.

     The fifth grade class made a treat for everyone to share after the christening was completed. The “pigeon poop” candy was a hit with everyone.

     The school wants to be sure to thank everyone that contributed to the beginning of a fun project. Mr. Steele donated birds and did a presentation to start off the project. Mr. Bill Barger, the AU Pacific Zone Director, donated birds and the World of Wings donated birds. The AU provided lots of handouts and study materials from the School Information Pack.