Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Ronnie Shumaker is a legend in the AU for the work he has done with pigeons in the classroom. Here are three competing lofts and the math problem Ronnie has presented to the students.

Mrs. McDonald, Ms. McClelland & Classes,
Listed below are the first birds from each location and distances.
You can determine who won by finding total minutes flown. Release time 7:00 a.m.

Multiply the distance by 1760. Divide distance by minutes to get ypm (yards per minute)

First 3 birds listed for each loft.

Panda Loft Distance 115.510
1768 QUEEN 09:16:29
9163 CAMP 09:16:29
436 NCC 09:16:32

Tiger Loft Distance 116.960
7147 SMRP 09:21:18
9907 LYNCH 09:21:18
140 QUEEN 09:21:24

Teacher Loft Distance 121.995
470 SPO 09:34:34
244 QUEEN 09:34:36
9743 APHI 09:34:39

Let me know who won.

Mr. Shumaker