Friday, October 9, 2009


By ALYSON ENOS-Special to the DN

The Red Bluff Pigeon Club has started its pigeon racing season.

The first race took off from north of the Oregon state line Aug. 31. Junior Ben Crain flew by the competition to win 2.43 seconds ahead of Max Ferriera. Crain's blue check hen flew 135 miles at a rate of 53 mph

Crain followed up with another win in the south of Klamath Falls, Ore. race Sept. 7. His hen flew in at 46 mph over a distance of 141 miles, beating all other competitors, including adults

On Sept. 12, Crain's blue bar hen flew 147 miles at 44 mph in another Klamath Falls race and then covered 171 miles at 44 mph in a race out of Chiloquen, Ore.