Thursday, December 31, 2009


Remember the days?  Well, maybe not if you are under 50 years of age or are not familiar with pigeon racing at all.  Those who are, remember the clocks, the baskets, the clubs, the thrill.  These things have given way to new technology and new equipment.  We still have the thrill, but the old, replaced items are put in a closet or a storage building to be found years later.

If you remember your father, grandfather, or great grandfather and recall his favorite pastime of racing homing pigeons, you maybe think back to those items of comfort that ended up in your closet or storage building as a momento.  But then it comes time to clear the space, remove the old, embrace the new and, oh it is so hard to let go sometimes.  Will someone else treasure it?  Will someone else even use it?

Tom Burnett shared one of these with us.  It is a basket.  The picture may not do justice to the old beauty.  We turned the picture on its side to better reveal.  Tom's wife's grandfather was in racing.  She is finally willing to let the basket go.  We post this information as a favor to those who might have a desire to collect these items.  Maybe the memories will live on . . . .

Tom is in Florida and can be reached via email at