Monday, December 7, 2009


New South Wales


BOYS at Tuggerawong Public School are now the carers of about 50 pet pigeons.

The feathered friends arrived on Tuesday as part of a project designed to teach students responsibility and ownership.

Prominent pigeon flyer Don Brierty, of Davistown, recently retired from the sport and donated his loft to the school.

Father David Woodhead, who is involved with the Wyong Pigeon Racing Club, and friend Paul Holz have volunteered their time to help the boys renovate and paint the loft to cater for the school’s new pets.

Teacher Mel Kable said the boys were thrilled to see the pigeons finally arrive.

“We have been in discussion with pigeon owners who said it was a fantastic idea to get the boys involved,” she said.

“It is a positive exercise to promote dependability, maturity and sensibility among the students,” Ms Kable said.

The students will learn to feed, water, maintain and clean the loft, and also race the pigeons.

“The Central Coast Racing Pigeon Federation and the school’s Parents and Citizens Association donated $500 towards the project, which we are very grateful for,” she said.

“The project will not only benefit the current students, but also students in the future.”