Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The AU's 100th Year Celebration

Race lofts are preparing for the big event in November. For the convention race, the following lofts are expanded to accommodate the anticipated 2000 birds.

World of Wings
Randy Goodpasture is the handler. The loft is 85 feet long x 10 feet wide and has 700 perches. He will be taking 500 birds so there is plenty of room, plus the birds have access to the hall for the day, which gives them plenty more added space.

Richard Henry
View the race loft at

Bob Roberson
View the race loft at

The loft is 8 x 56 with a 4 ft walk through aviary. He is in the process of adding an 8 x 32 ft expansion onto it, making the total length 88 ft.

Frank Greenhall Memorial National Youth Race
Continental Breeding Station is the location, and will be a treat for attendees! The loft handler is the renowned Rick Mardis.