Monday, June 28, 2010


Walter and Brenda Codney of Council Bluffs, Iowa, shared an hour and a half presentation with 35 pre-school children and teachers on the joys of raising pigeons. 

The event was a huge success! When contacted by his grandson’s school, Walter’s mission was set. He would put on an unforgettable event for his grandson’s fellow students. Walter raises mostly racing homing pigeons and does have a few old fashion frills. However, a simple bird release and showing off a frill just didn’t fit the bill of an unforgettable event. After all, the goal was to leave a long lasting impression.

Walter went right to work and contacted many fellow fanciers to see what birds he could line up for the kid’s viewing pleasure. What Walter found out was that pigeon fanciers were both eager and proud to help out! At the end of Walter’s quest, he had collected over 20 species of pigeons to show the children. Even though all the pigeons were special, some of the more impressive pigeons (the one’s that brought on the most “oooohs & ahhhhs”) were the Jacobin, Saint, Archangel, Fantail, Indian Fantail, English Long-Faced/Volga/Novalcheski-Russ Tumblers, Fairy Swallow, & Pigmy Pouter. Through the generosity of his fellow fanciers, Walter also had several breeds and colors of rollers, tumblers, trumpeters, an Ice Pigeon, Damascene, Modena, Show King, Dutch Highflier, Old Fashion Frill, along with several different colored Racing Homers to show the children.
Pictures displayed growth of a baby pigeon, the banding process, loft styles, and bird releases. Since children like the hands-on approach to learning, a wooden pigeon egg was passed along for them to see. Of course any opportunity to allow the children to have a hands-on experience with the birds was a priority.

To cap off the event, the children were escorted outside to the playground for a Homing Pigeon release and explanation of the traits of this sporting breed. After the Homers were released and on their way home, Walter ended his presentation with a Parlor Roller demonstration. The children whooped, hollered, and laughed seeing them rolling across the ground! In addition to what is sure to be long lasting memories, each child left that day with some children activity items, compliments of the American Racing Pigeon Union and a necklace made by Brenda with a ribbon and an old pigeon band. 

Special thanks go out to the sponsors who made this event possible. American Racing Pigeon Union, Eastern Nebraska Racing Pigeon Inv., Randall "Chili" Carney, Jeff Clark, Ted Golka, Gene Hochlan, Larry Jansen, Jackie Moyers, Mort Moyers, and Don Paltani.