Monday, August 2, 2010


Monday, August 2nd marks the 100 year anniversary that:

In Washington D.C., Mr. D.C. Buscall of Maryland outlined the value of a new national organization and presented samples of the "new and beautiful band, of exquisite workmanship and original design which is to adopted as the national marking ring for the American fancy, and thereby reduce to one uniform band the many mixed and indifferent types now used". After the many good points of the new Union were clearly explained and discussed a motion by Mr. W. F. Dismer of Washington D.C., seconded by W.F. Sarton, that the American Racing Pigeon Union be formally organized was unanimously carried by those in attendance. It was further explained that no further action beyond appointing a committee to take care of the preliminary organization would done at that time.

Taken from The Homing Exchange, the next formal meeting would occur in December 1910.