Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Bill and Paula Desmarais were featured presenters at the Partners Village Store sponsored event.

Bill and Paula have been very successful at breeding and at flying. Locally, they have won quite a few club and special sport races. Birds that they have bred right there in southeast MA, have scored in races and won 1st place in specail races conducted around the country.
Paula with her White Doves, and Bill, with their American Racing Homing Pigeons, conduct numerous seminars and exhibits of our birds, and release them at weddings, funerals, civic and sports events, and other special occasions. Most recently, they released White Doves at the dedication of a bike path in Somerset, the 9/11 ceremony at Battleship Cove and the official dedication and opening of the new Veterans Memorial Bridge spanning the Taunton River from Somerset to Fall River.
During their presentations and seminars they enjoy informing attendees about the marvel of these avian wonders and how they have long provided services to mankind. They debunk a lot of the misconceptions and misinformation about them along the way. They report true stories of their bravery and tenacity that saved countless military and civilians from death, and assisted us in winning battles and wars. They share information about how they are utilized today, to monitor air quality, to carry film, and by the military still, to take pictures and check air quality of battlefield positions.
They particularly like to let people in attendance at the presentation to see and hold their birds, and to participate in a large release of the birds at the end of the presentation.