Wednesday, November 30, 2011


The AU Board of Directors completed their 2011 Annual Meeting.  Minutes will be posted on the web site in December.  Board members and spouses celebrated the successful meeting with fellowship at dinner.

Our hosts for this year's convention is the Arizona Racing Pigeon Federation.  They selected a resort setting for the beginning of AU's second 100 years.  It's a perfect place for fanciers and their families to relax and enjoy the social part of the sport and hobby.

Loft visitation started at 10 a.m. this morning.  Registration opened this afternoon.  Our board members and local members had some fun while putting up the historical and promotional displays.

The first featured speaker for this convention was Dr. Ockert Botha, founder of Pigeon Company Medpet and currently the technical director of Aviomed.

Introduced by Jerry Gagne of Foy's Pet Supplies, Dr. Botha delved into the subject of trichomoniasis, (commonly known as canker), its treatment and prevention.

Dr. Botha's newly published book is available through Foy's.