Tuesday, June 12, 2012


This is MacKenzie in 3rd grade.  That was in 2010, before she got sick.  Doctors found a cancerous tumor.  The Twister Combine pigeon racing members became aware of her situation and the struggle the family faced, driving 100 miles one-way to treatments. 

The Combine organized the Twister Combine Pigeon Festival in Nevada, Missouri – first, to bring attention to the race that will take place in October, to benefit a child that is struggling with cancer; second, to raise funds immediately to give to MacKenzie’s family.  Even with just enough money to help the family with gas for the doctor visits, it was paramount that efforts begin immediately.  There was concern that MacKenzie would not actually see 2013.

The event was a great success its debut year.  The Combine was able to give the family $2500.  The family felt a little relief with travel expense.

Now we’re happy to report, MacKenzie is cancer free.  Imagine the cheers that went up from combine members when they found out.  MacKenzie will see 2013 and more.  With check-ups until she is 21, she is able to continue HER race.

This has fueled the fire of efforts toward helping other children stricken with cancer.  The Twister Combine is gearing up for the October 20 race and urges all who can, to consider participating.

If you are a fancier yourself and would like to fly your own bird, or if you would like to donate $10 to a Twister Combine member to race a bird in your name, please contact Jerry Smith, Twister Combine President, at 620-743-3039.

Ten dollars.  Think about it.  Then call Jerry.

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The Twister Combine will have a benefit cancer race on October 20th 2012 from HUGO OK 250 mile race. The proceeds from this race will go to help a child with in our area who is fighting their battle with cancer.

The bands will cost $10 dollars and will be sold till October 19th which is shipping day. The person who purchased the winning band will have their name on behalf of the Twister Combine, on a check presented to the recipient.

If you are a fancier yourself and would like to fly your own bird, please send your bird along with $10 dollars to a member of Twister Combine .

For more information about this Race or any other questions, please call
Jerry Smith, Twister Combine President at 620-743-3039.
Send any email correspondence to TwisterCombine@gmail.com
or for other information go to www.twistercombine.com