Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Homing Pigeons 101 - Family Sport & Hobby

Racing of homing pigeons is a fascinating and educational sport and hobby in which the entire family can participate and enjoy. It presents the same challenges and satisfaction of the sporting desire as does horse racing, but at a fraction of the expense. It teaches sportsmanship and allows one to be in touch with nature through training excursions to the country. It creates an interest in subjects such as genetics, nutrition, physiology, psychology, weather, mathematics, and carpentry. 

One reason why over a million people the world over race homing pigeons competitively is because the fancier is not a spectator as he is in most other sports of this kind, but is a very active participant.  He can oversee the never ending, but never monotonous, activities himself and is not required to delegate such activities to others unless he wants to. Because the birds may be kept right at home, there is something of interest about the sport to be worked with every day in the year. Another important reason for the high numbers of competitive pigeon fanciers is because no large or costly establishment is required.  

The keeping of animals helps to relieve the tension of modern life and to break up the boredom caused by new found leisure time. Fanciers find that they become engrossed in the demonstration of nature’s real story in their own backyard loft. The mating of a new pair, watching them build their nest, incubate their eggs and feed their young is rewarding. Watching your birds respond to love and care is a pleasure that you can have every day.