Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Newly elected AU Lakes Zone Director, Lee Kohli, helped orchestrate an AU Zone Meeting within the annual Ohio-Penn Federation business meeting.  This was an important opportunity to update members in that area on the status of the Oklahoma City court case, and various services that benefit the AU members.

Federation officers, Lee Kohli & Terry Finnerty address membership.

The Federation holds an annual auction at their meeting.

Sport promotion items were also shared, illustrating the ease of using existing materials to improve awareness of the hobby/sport and create community cohesiveness.

Federation annual trophies.

One of the most desired handouts was the DVD recording of the AU's Lobbyist, Greg Smith, as he presented to the annual general membership meeting at the 2014 AU National Convention in Omaha, Nebraska.

Secretary packets will be mailed out soon, and members were advised of the information to expect in their 2015 packets, to be shared with club members.

Zone meetings are an excellent opportunity to have face-to-face interaction with the volunteer AU board members and the AU staff.  To plan one in your area, please contact

It is always a pleasure to see the juniors take part in all levels of organization activities.  Here we met Don Campbell's beautiful granddaughter, Megan, just before she received the coveted winner's jacket for 9th place in the Federation competition.

Don & Megan Campbell model the winner's jacket.

The behind-the-scenes workers that provide the wonderful meal deserve a huge THANK YOU!

We caught a glimpse of Melanie Kohli as she worked in the kitchen.

Our congratulations to the Federation winners and for a well-run event.

Consider combining your event with an AU Zone Meeting.