Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2015 Students vs Teacher Race
Teaching youth through racing homing pigeons.

4 Bird Team $150
Multiple Teams Allowed

Teacher Loft                 Bulldog Loft              J Bird Loft                Clown Loft
7th Grade Teacher     Clarkdale School     7th Grade Student     Mentor for School

Ship Birds to:  Clarkdale Middle School           Birds Accepted Feb. - May
                       7000 Hwy 145 S                      Do not send birds March 9-13   
                       Meridian, MS 39301                Races begin early October         

100 Mile Race          25 pts in 1 pt intervals for top 25         Prizes awarded for
150 Mile Race          50 pts in 2 pt intervals for top 25         top birds.
200 Mile Race           75 pts in 3 pt intervals for top 25        Prize awarded for
250 Mile Race         100 pts in 4 pt intervals for top 25       winner of each race.

Extra Race Bonus: Purchase Queen City Bands at $10 each and race in 300 mile club race flown two weeks after 250.

Contact these flyers for testimonials about our race.

John Hundrup, WA            
Steve Lawler, WA   
Bob Lynch, GA
Ron Pairan, OH  

Thanks to all of you supporting our school projects over the years.

Call or email: Ronnie Shumaker 601-938-6775