Thursday, March 5, 2015





Can the kids count on you?  This auction is our main fund raiser; the auction supports our Loaner Loft Program. We currently have 29 lofts in use and we have 5 in major need of repair. We use the money from this auction for free race shipping and free medication for when the kids need it. We use some of this money to make repairs to our building at the Cummington fair and some of our races ship from here as well. This also funds our annual pigeon show in august that is welcome to all kids. Our auction will be held on Saturday April 11th 2015; both young and old birds can be shipped. Your generosity will be what carries this next generation of pigeon flyers along.

The loaner loft program was started 9 years ago to help junior flyers that could not afford or have the skill to build a coop on their own. If you ever hear someone say that this sport is dying or going away they’re certainly wrong. Please come to the auction and see the love and devotion our kids still have for this sport.

The address for this event is, Burgy Bullets Snowmobile club 12 Laurel Rd, Haydenville Ma. For more information contact Tim Tessier- Home: (413) 296-4359 Work: (413) 586- 6611 or email: (

When mailing birds (NOT BEFORE MARCH 31st, 2015)

SEND TO: Tim Tessier                           George LeClerc                   Moe Litchfield
                   PO Box 325                        18 Rockrimmon St.              PO Box 444
                   Chesterfield, Ma. 01012      Belchertown, Ma. 01007     Hinsdale, Ma 01235
                                                             (413) 323-7183                   (413) 446-7939

We need to know if you are donating pigeons to the auction by March 21st 2015, please call or email Tim by this date!! A huge thanks to Ron Seinbrenner from Triple Crown in California and CL gage from Texas Shootout who will be donating birds for the auction!

P.S. The Kids will help out the National Pigeon show which is held January of 2016 21st-23rd

Thank you to everyone that donated last year, and hopefully there will be more people this year that help support this youth program!