Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Homing Pigeons 101 - Record Keeping

You will need to keep accurate records about which pair of birds parented each young bird and when it hatched.  This will allow you to determine which birds are your best breeders. The next breeding season you may want to raise out of the same mating or you may want to mate the birds differently to try and raise even better birds.  Also, accurate record keeping is a must to permit you to prepare each bird's pedigree.

One example of a record card is 


This is only an example.  Many types of cards are obtainable from pigeon supply stores.  If you do an online search, you might use search terms such as "breeding record keeping."

This particular form is demonstrated in this video  https://youtu.be/y4LocVdT55M

Computer programs also provide loft management applications, such as

Again, this is only an example.  Several computer loft management programs are available through various dealers.  If you do an online search, you might use search terms such as "breeding software for pigeons."