Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Homing Pigeons 101 - Health Care Regimen - Preventive Health Plan Not Using Diagnostics

Refer to previous plan for specifics.  Breeders done 4-6 weeks before pairing.  
Other birds done 6-8 weeks prior to racing or showing.

   I.  Vaccinations:
       A. Paramyxovirus
 B. Paratyphoid
 C. Pox
 Wait one week…
  II.  Worming:
 A. Ivermectin (Ivomec)
 B. Mebendazole (Telmintic)
 C. Levamisole (Tramisol)
Two days of vitamins...
Wait 2-3 days…

  III. Coccidiosis Treatment:
 A. Sulfachlorpyridazine (Vetisulid)
 B. Amprolium (Corid or Amprol)
 C. Clazoril (when available)
 Two days of vitamins…
 Wait 2-3 days…

 IV. Trichmoniasis (canker) & Hexamitiasis   
 A. Emtryl
 B. Ipropran
 C. Spartrix
 D. Flagyl
 E. Ronidazole
 Two days of vitamins…
 Wait 2-3 days…

Note: Telmintic can be dosed at the same time as Emtryl and Amprolium or Vetasulid, thus treating worms, coccida and trichomonas concurrently.  Follow with two days of vitamins.  Use caution when mixing other medications not proven compatible, as toxicities may develop in some cases of drug combinations.

  V. Prophylactic treatment for Paratyphoid or E. coli  
       with antibiotics is medically unsound, but may 
       have benefit in some cases.  Ammoxcillin, Ni-
       trofurazone, Vetisulid, or Apralan are common 
       drug choices.

Prophylactic treatment for, or periodic treatment
for respiratory infections (Chlamydia and Myco-
plasma) may be beneficial only is there is some   
evidence of respiratory disease.  Erythromycin
(Gallimycin), Tylocin (Tylan), Lincomycin
(Lincocin) and Tetracycline drugs are com-
monly used.

Note:  Using any antibiotic blindly is a hit or miss proposition and may actually predispose to infection with a pathogen because of distributing the normal bacteria.  Indiscriminate or incorrect use of antibiotics may also contribute to the development of resistant strains and resistant forms of bacteria.

Partial restoration of the normal intestinal flora can be accomplished by the addition of live bacterial products such as Feed Mate 68, or others available from pigeon supply houses, to the feed or water after antibiotic withdrawal.