Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I Am Betty Logan.


Betty Logan would just love to talk to those folks that think all the AU does is just sell bands. “We try to be pretty motivated in this office, and it kills me to think someone we know would think of our mission that way. I am the Office Manager of your AU office, and I take your feelings about our work seriously.”

Lets start with this. On Betty’s first day on the job, Monday, May 3, 1999, an F5 tornado tore this place apart. After her day at work, the building disappeared. “Everything was gone. We started over”, she said. “But we put the place back together again, better than ever. How many of you even knew what we went through? We got ripped apart, and put it back so smoothly, you barely noticed.  That’s what we try to do on a regular basis. If we do our jobs right, you shouldn't even know we exist.”

Now, Betty wants you to know what she does for you every day of the week, (and she wants someone to share it with those clubs that think we only sell bands). “I love this job, the people I work with, and this crazy, beautiful sport. My sole purpose here is to help each one of you to maximize your enjoyment of your hobby. Now, this is what I do”:

•I focus on customer service, and in case there is any confusion, you are my customer. I know I need my customers. I love my customers. I hope you sense that when we visit on the phone.

•I retrieve, and answer many voice mails and emails sent to our office switchboard. Communication is the essence of good customer service. I never forget this, and I am good at this.

•I create invoices, statements, payment receipts and credit memos. Nothing in my own world bothers me like invoices done incorrectly. I work very hard on accuracy.

•I do data entry in our 10,000+ member data base. “Garbage In, Garbage Out”. We don’t do garbage in this office, or on my watch.

•I send out quarterly membership renewal letters. This is very important. We have got to have members. I also know you are very busy. I keep after this by keeping after you. I want you to keep coming back.

•I prepare and send out membership cards. It is a confirmation that we are doing things right, and I like that feeling.

• I fill and send out all mail-orders (bands, diplomas, t-shirts, hats, posters, prints, bumper stickers, WinSpeed programs). This is one of the more enjoyable parts of my job. We want you to buy more of this product. It helps us promote the sport. I stay on top of it.

• I post payments and attach copies of payments to invoices.  Money is another area that demands accuracy. (Don’t we know!)

• I file. This I hate to do, but no snowflakes work in this office.  We do things that must be done, on time. No crying about it. I export and merge files for mailings and label orders, and process all out-going mail. I don’t really like doing that either!

• I keep a registry of ARPU band numbers (95,000 pieces), and I keep it up to date, and I keep it right. We sell 950,000 bands.

• I track band numbers for lost and found birds. This is a big job, and ties into our PR work in our communities regarding reacting quickly to lost bird calls. This is important work in our effort to stay ahead of animal rights groups.

• I keep the log of registered WinSpeed users. This is important because AU members paid for this program with their dues money.
This is the property of AU members. We need to know where it pops up illegally.

• I prepare and mail information packets when they are requested.  I understand that sport promotion is critical. I try to do my part in your effort to recruit members.

• I prepare documents and club packets for annual renewal, oversee the inventory of band orders, and prepare orders for shipping. Dates on this activity are time sensitive. I’m on top of it.

• I am responsible for ordering equipment maintenance and equipment supplies, office supplies and inventory items.

•I create and prepare Club, Combine, Concourse Charters and Lifetime and Honor certificates. I know in this area we are trying to honor people, and clubs. Some of these things are mementos. I do it right the first time.

•I prepare monthly reports for the accountant and quarterly inventory, as well as prepare Mid-year and Year-end board meeting reports. Those seem to be of increasing importance as time goes by, and they take a great deal of time to do right.

Betty adds, “I need my customers to be happy and positive about this office. You need that. We need that, and I understand that. You don’t need to worry.” So, there you go. Betty’s goal is to be there for you, prepared, when you call needing her help. We welcome your calls.

The girls in the AU office want to always be in PUSH mode, as President Coletti calls it. Betty also calls it GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE.