Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Open Show Hosted By Independent Homing Club

The Independent Homing Club (IHC) held an open Pigeon Show on January 13, for the following four clubs:

Fremont Club (FRE)
Independent Homing Club (IHC)
Invitational Racing Pigeon Club (IRPC)
Northeast Racing Club (NERC)

Approximately 25 people participated.  Considering the ice and snow storm the day before, that was a great turnout.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and a lot of pigeon stories were told.  It was a pot luck dinner, with a variety of different dishes that were excellent!  We thank everyone who brought the food and donations, and Jimmy Hazek who judged the show.

Congratulations to the winners, listed here:

Best Hen - Steve Zurcher
Best Cock - Larry Ryan
Best in Show - Larry Ryan

A big THANK YOU  to following vendors and suppliers who donated to our show.  They are:

Foy's Pet Supplies
Vita King Products
Global Pigeon Supply
Siegel’s Pigeon Supplies
Breakthru Products
Wins More Vitamins
Alex Bieche
BoviDr Laboratories
Lizzie Mae Pigeon Feeds
Racing Pigeon Digest
Star Labs (PrimaLac)
Kastle Pigeon Supplies