Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mount Pleasant Pigeon Club Benefit Race

In the Winter 2017-2018 Update newsletter, we shared that Charlie Klipsch and the Mount Pleasant Pigeon Club developed an event to benefit the Lafayette Industries special needs workshop.  Support is expected to triple!

Last year - 
The only people invited to the race day event were the donors and any press Charlie pre-screened.  They did a series of 4 releases in order to include demonstration of orientation, exercise and conditioning and then the race. . . It was such a unique activity that the organization wants Charlie to repeat it next year.

Here is an update from Charlie outlining this year's event - (April 16, 2018) 

Charlie was at a meeting last week regarding the Lafayette Charity Fundraiser Race in September.  

These are the things that are confirmed so far.

On Friday Sept. 14th:

1) 100 "Doves of Peace" release at 1:00 P.M.
2) Picture taking with at least 10 special needs people holding pigeons.
3) Written messages to be sent with pigeons to be read the next day.
4) Speech about pigeons and the fundraiser sponsorship for the races the
     next day
5) The "Mayor" of the City of Manchester and Office Staff will be in
6) The City Aldermen will be there
7) The City Police Chief and staff
8) The Fire Department with Truck etc. on display
9) A special group of women volunteers, to handle the free "hot dog day" for
     the 350 workshop people
10) And of course the Mount Pleasant Pigeon Club will be there
11) The street will be blocked off from traffic to help create a gala affair.

On Saturday Sept. 15th:

1) Expecting about 150 - 200 people in Charlie's back yard to view the races
2) Two races involving 25 pigeons in each race 30 minutes apart
3) A reading of the messages sent by the special needs people from the day
4) Distribution of the gifts for the winners
5) Acknowledgement of the benefactors, corporate sponsors, and local
6) Present a trophy and award for the M.V.P. (most valuable pigeon for the
     "Most Valuable Person")
7) Presentation of the money collected to the C.E. O. of Lafayette Industries

Enjoy some pictures from last year . .  

Corporate Sponsors

70+ people attended in 2017.

The race birds landing.