Tuesday, August 18, 2009


American Racing Pigeon Union's Pigeon Tracks youth newsletter reports ". . . in just five years, the AU junior membership has grown nearly 56%? That means that the number of current AU junior members . . . has doubled!"

While junior members typically fly in area clubs, it is not unusual to find youth groups and schools establishing racing pigeon loft projects of their own. As one of the original programs (Eagle High School) reported, the lessons & skills that can be taught are almost limitless:

  • Science—Ornithology, genetics, etc.

  • English—writing skills

  • Technology—computers, web sites, PowerPoint, GPS, etc.

  • Art—use of artwork on lofts, crates, etc.

  • History—use of pigeons in wars, etc.

  • Math—calculating velocities, etc.

  • Geography—studying topographical maps, areas of interest, etc.

  • Speech—presentations to local groups and individuals, etc.

  • Nutrition & Health

  • Job Skills

  • Responsibility—cleaning lofts, feeding and watering, and caring for the birds, etc.

  • Carpentry—building and construction of lofts, nest boxes, perches, etc.

  • Data Collection

  • Research

  • Character Education—building good character traits, etc.

  • Extra-curricular—PIGEON RACING!

Groups and schools that are interested in that type of project can contact the American Racing Pigeon Union at aupromo@aol.com. Our school information packet will show you a variety of materials that has been shared with us by members.