Monday, August 3, 2009


Wings Over Wisconsin Homing Pigeon Race
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WKBT Channel 8, shared this on August 2, 2009

Sunday morning it was a race against the clock for more than 100 pigeons.

The YWCA held it's 3rd anual Wings Over Wisconsin Homing Pigeon Race. The birds took off from Riverside park at 10 AM and headed north to Blair, Wisconsin. Once the pigeons were on thier way spectators left by car to find out which bird would be first, but because the birds travel so fast someone was waiting at the finish line. Before the race raffle tickets were sold from there it's all up to the pigeons.

Lisa Mathson, of the YWCA, says, "Each raffle ticket is matched up with a pigeon. The winning pigeon will win $500, the 2nd will win $200 and the third will win $100. And all the proceeds will benefit A-Pro program which provides individuals with disabilities recreation opportunities."
Considering the birds have flown all the way from Kansas before Sudnay was a short race for them.

The event raised about $1,500 for the YWCA. In case you are wondering pigeon number 31 took the top prize.

For more information about racing homing pigeons, contact the American Racing Pigeon Union.