Monday, October 26, 2009


Florida Times Union
Glynn teen is taking flight in dove business
A Glynn teen's birds are used in shows of joy, as well as memorials.
By Terry DicksonStory updated at 1:08 AM on Sunday, Oct. 18, 2009

BRUNSWICK - Cody Moore is one of those rare people who can walk easily between worlds. Brought up on his family's farm, C-Boy Stables, he wears denim and leads horses through their paces for weekly riding lessons.

But on weekends, he gets dressed up - often in a tuxedo - and travels with his elegant white doves for ceremonial releases.

With horses watching from a nearby pasture, Cody caught one of his rock doves from inside a chicken wire pen at the farm. Stepping outside with it gently cradled in both hands, he loosened his grip. The bird fluttered up from his hands and flew right back to a perch on the coop.

That's why he can make some money off these home-loving birds with his business, Doves of Distinction.

Rock doves are actually white homing pigeons, cousins to the tumbler pigeons he keeps in an adjoining pen.

The 17-year-old junior at Glynn Academy attends the weddings and funerals of people he doesn't even know. He provides a few of the snowy white birds for family members to release to symbolize the freeing of a spirit, or perhaps a bride and groom taking flight in a new life together.

When the ceremonies are over, he hops back in his car and heads home to the farm. As stirring as it is when the birds are released, Cody gets a warm feeling when they reach home.