Tuesday, November 24, 2009


AU's Woodlawn Racing Pigeon Club has found a way to cut shipping costs.  Club spokesperson, Scott Horn, shares:

"The members of the Woodlawn Racing Pigeon Club in San Antonio cut our operating expenses in half by each member hauling the races ourselves. Besides cutting costs, we had the benefit of having experienced pigeon men at the release point describing the weather conditions to our race secretary back in San Antonio."

Here is one such release from Van Horn, Texas.

Sunrise is 7:30am in Van Horn. It's 7:25 now.

Setting up the release for the A race for 7:45 am release.

B release side: Birds to be released for 8:15am...

getting close to 8:15 am...

getting their bearings . . .

almost out of sight . . . and yes, they made it home the same day!