Thursday, June 7, 2012


Shared by John Labat ~ 

    June 3rd was a bright sunny day.  It was a great morning to get started with our very first lawn show held at Lonoipoko Beach Park.  
     Club members arrived 9am to set up show coops and put up banners in preparation to host the 50+ birds entered.  Birds were placed in the show cages for display with bird releases planned every two hours for the public to see.  This was a great opportunity for folks to see a variety of pigeon breeds.  Any one of them were sure to appeal.  Many of the beach goers took pictures and experienced first hand how to handle the birds.  It was a great and everyone had fun.


     Much mahalos to all of our members and we are looking forward to our next show and young bird races.  Everyone is in training mode.
     Congratulations to Aljie Quito for taking the Best of Show prize with a beautiful Black Splash Cock.  Also, to Eric Recolizado for having Best Hen with a outstanding Black Hen; Keiki Nathan Recolizado for winning Best Bird for Keiki with a handsome Blue Bar White Flight.
     There was plenty of food, door prizes, baskets, birds, and even guppies to give away to everyone that helped our club funds grow mahalos.  Most of all the keiki had a blast and that is what our Ohana club is all about.
     Mahalos to everyone and we are looking forward to our next show.

Aloha, John 

Maui Pigeon Club