Friday, June 13, 2014


The American Racing Pigeon Union is in the process of developing eWinSpeed© for the convenience of access anywhere there is an Internet connection.  The eWinSpeed© program will allow for real-time clocking - now that's exciting - to be able to watch the winners times clock in real time as the birds come in from a race.  Wow!

In order to make that happen, the race figuring software will be moving to an on-line database format.  Before that can become reality, all variables involved in race recognition need to be part of the groundwork for the building of the program.  The AU office staff is in the process of updating the list of all clubs, combines, concourses and federations for the National Database.

This is exciting news.  This is happening now.  Are you ready?

If you have not sent in your club, combine, federation and concourse charters and bylaws, your race results will not be included.  Don't be left out.  Check the list below to be sure yours is in the record.  You may be getting a call soon from the AU office if we find that yours is missing from the list.

eWinSpeed© is coming!  Are you ready? 

Organizations that are currently chartered.