Tuesday, July 8, 2014

AU Board Completes Mid-Year Meeting

The American Racing Pigeon Union board of directors completed their mid-year meeting July 2, 2014, in Las Vegas. Minutes of the meeting will be posted soon to the AU website.

AU board members in deliberation.

Usual business included reports from each officer and each director.  New topics included discussion between the Drug Test Committee and remaining board members, an update on the new eWinSpeed©, and the unanimous approval of the newly developed Benzing live system that is already enjoyed in Europe.

Hanno Troll & associate, from Benzing, present Benzing live.
Benzing live unit.

The next AU board meeting will be in Omaha, Nebraska, just prior to the AU National Convention.  These meetings are the times that the board of directors considers member requests.  If you have suggestions that serve the betterment of the sport rules and bylaws, communicate with your Zone Director to submit a Board Action Request.  It is YOUR organization.  The board assists in steering the organization.  YOU need to share your ideas for racing enjoyment.  Stay in touch with your representatives; they are there for you.