Thursday, June 12, 2014


Left to right:  G.O.R.P. members Randall Carney, Carter Mayotte, Judy Booth (Major Gift Officer with The Nebraska Medical Center), and Walter Codney.

The Greater Omaha Racing Pigeon Association presented their 2013 contribution to The Nebraska Medical Center's fight against cancer.

G.O.R.P.'s 2013 sponsor was Mr. Carter Mayotte of Omaha, Nebraska.  Carter is the President of the Omaha Racing Pigeon Association and was also the 2013 Midwest Convention and Young Bird Race Chairman.  The convention race is a nationally known event, so Carter represented Pigeon Fanciers across North America.  Carter is also heading up another big event for 2014.  He is Chairing/Hosting the 2014 American Racing Pigeon Union Annual Convention & Young Bird Race which is another nationally known event in the pigeon world.

G.O.R.P. Cure Band Race