Monday, June 9, 2014


The American Racing Pigeon Union's Executive Director, Karen Clifton, delivered over 200 shirts to the City Rescue Mission in Oklahoma City on Monday, June 9.  Being mindful of the challenges of the homeless in the city, the AU determined that the shirts, which were overruns from a past event, could serve a more worthy purpose than sitting at the AU office.

In speaking with Mission representatives, the AU learned that clothes are just one item out of a very long list of goods and materials that they would appreciate receiving.

Michael Dwaileebe, Community Relations Manager with the City Rescue Mission, received the shirts and shared, "The shirts will be distributed to homeless and near-homeless in the community as they are needed."

Karen Clifton, American Racing Pigeon Union Executive Director and Michael Dwaileebe, City Rescue Mission Community Relations Manager.

City Rescue Mission is a private, faith-based nonprofit organization providing solution-based ministry to the homeless and near homeless in the Oklahoma City metro.

Mission President, Tom Jones, states "Our mission is to lead our community by serving the homeless and near homeless with help, hope, and healing, in the spirit of excellence, under the call of Christ.”