Tuesday, September 29, 2015

STARTER LOFT 5 (finis)

Finishing Touches

Most of you will want to paint your new loft now, before you start adding perches or nest boxes.  The OSB will not stand up to a lot of bad weather.  I hate painting, so what I do is put on my coveralls, put a paper bag on my head with two eye holes, wear a respirator, fire up my airless sprayer, and anything that doesn't move gets it!  It usually takes two coats.  You can use paint or just a good water proofing like "Thompson's". 

Also you still need to add a door handle.  I use a screen door handle.  You can get them from the hardware store for about $6 or $9 for one with a lock set.  

Outside of screen door handle.

Inside of screen door handle.

 And you need to add a door for your trap.  Make the door some what bigger than the hole.  There are all sorts of ways to latch the door up or slightly open.  This is how I do it.


Trap latched open.

Trap set in Race position.

Trap closed.
 And here are some assorted pictures of my loft.

Aviary front showing saw cut and joint.

Aviary front hinge placement.

Handle on Aviary front.

This photo shows the roof trim.

Door trim installed against the hinge.

This is the stop for the Aviary front.

My adjustable vent doors.

Note rope going up to aviary bottom.

Happy birds!

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