Thursday, April 1, 2010


School racing pigeon projects create ways to bring in funding to continue the projects. Mississippi schools have created a fun race between students and teachers.

Join the fun!  Help the schools!

2010 Students Vs Teacher
Race Against America’s Best!
24 Teams from Spring Hill in 2009

Four Birds $200 entry/ 1 Extra Bird @ No Charge (Optional)
2nd Team ½ price $100

Four Races with prizes for each race winner.

1st High Point Bird 1000 points
2nd High Point Bird 900 points
3rd High Point Bird 800 points
4th High Point Bird 700 points
5th High Point Bird 600 points

All prizes based on 50 teams entered.

Profits from race will fund School Pigeon Projects:
Flying Tigers Loft, Harris Elementary 3rd Grade (75 bird capacity)
Panda Loft, Poplar Springs Elementary 4th Grade (50 bird capacity)
Bulldog Loft, Clarkdale Middle School 7th Grade (100 bird capacity)

One bird will be placed at each school loft and teacher’s loft.

Birds accepted March 1 – May 1

Ronnie Shumaker email: or

Congratulations to 2009 Winners
1st Erio Alvarez,FL
2nd Pete Yachemski,FL
3rd John Hundrup,WA
4th Bill Thorton,AL
5th Bob Lynch,GA
250 Mile Winner: Dave Dunn, WA
200 Mile Winner: Erio Alvarez, FL & Bob Lynch, GA
150 Mile Winner: John Gallagher, FL
100 Mile Winner: Mike Butler, MS & John Hundrup, WA
High Point Winner: Bob Lynch, GA