Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Space Coast Racers 
Racing Pigeon Club does it again!

The club had their 3rd annual pigeon race to benefit Children's Miracle Network (CMN).  This year's total exceeded prior years.

Claudia Benefieto, the club's Race-Coordinator, said their total for the race was $384.00.  Half went to the winner who picked the best bird and half to the Children's Miracle Network charity in Palm Bay, Florida.  "We also had private donors," said Claudia.  "Teddy Hardgrove donated $150.00 and Gregory McCullen matched our check from last year in the amount of $167.50 plus $2.50 for $170.00.  The first place winner donated all her winning back to the CMN for a great total of $704.00.   We were very happy with this amount."

Not only did they exceed their prior total, but they had the mayor of Palm Bay, William Copote, make a proclamation in honor of CMN and Space Coast Racers:  that September 3 of every year will be their annual race day.  They invited another club into the race from Sebastian, Florida.  Team IRC (Indian River Pigeon Club) produced all the winners.  These are the standings.

Winning Bird, #53 Aggie Hungerman; 
Winning Loft, George Mandara
2nd Place, Gregory McCullen; Loft:  Tim Perski
3rd Place, Marvin Schinler; Loft:  Tim Perski
4th Place, Steve Debatt; Loft:  George Mandara

Claudia said she was very proud of all the racers who participated in this event and states that next year will be even better!

This year's racers that participated:

Claudia Benfieto, LSG Loft
Bobby Rodrigues, Taino Loft
Steve Martin, Old Mission Loft
George Mandara, Mandara Loft
Tim Perski, Perski Loft

Thanks also goes to Wal-Mart for all their support!