Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Republished courtesy of The Loft Report

Submitted by Mike Radkovic
The American Racing Pigeon Union (AU) held their Lake Zone district meeting on November 14, 2012 in Noblesville, Indiana. AU Lake Zone Director Ron Pairan and AU Sports Membership Manager Deone Roberts spoke to a crowd of about 35 fanciers from Indiana, Ohio and Missouri.
AU Lake Zone Director John Pairan and AU Sports Membership Manager Deone Roberts.
Deone Roberts addressed the importance of having strong Club Bylaws, how to navigate the AU website, updated attendees about the race program Windspeed and how it correlates with the National Database, how to submit a Board Action Requests, the new AU Administrations Deadlines and so on.
Logan Sheperd, Junior member of the Indianapolis RPC. He assists the club regularly with their functions.
Ron Pairan spoke about the value of supporting the 4H program and about a variety of other issues important to the local area.
Indianapolis RPC members auctioning off donated auction birds during the 2012 AU Lake Zone meeting.
After the Zone meeting, the top 5 birds that flew the 2012 Billie Pranger 300 mile Futurity were auctioned off as well as a select draft of donated birds bring in a just under $4,000 for the Indianapolis RPC.