Monday, March 19, 2018

Taking The Pigeons To School

Amber Posey spent the day at school promoting the sport and educating the kids on the great sport and birds.

"I was asked by Mrs. Case the science teacher at our local elementary school if I would come in and talk to all the 3rd grade science classes about raising and racing pigeons and their traits. I had the pleasure of talking to these wonderful students and they really got into what I was telling them about pigeons and they asked questions and they were still talking about what they learned about pigeons with other teachers and students throughout the school day. 

I told them about showing the pigeons and my daughter proudly got to show off some of her ribbons to the other children that she won at the pigeon show last summer. I talked to them about the life cycle of pigeons and how they were used in the war and how we bred them for certain colors and how they knew where home was.

We also talked about the loft being the pigeons home and the main predators of pigeons. They learned about the AU and our local club, the High Velocity Racing Pigeon Club (HVRP). 

Those children WOW'd me! They are such wonderful, bright minded, young ladies and gentlemen. I had such a great time talking with these guys! I'm so honored that Mrs. Case, who is a wonderful, compassionate and caring teacher, asked me to speak with her students and it was a fun filled day I wont forget!"