Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Ronnie Shumaker is the gracious and generous leader, creator, mentor, teacher behind the youth/school projects in Mississippi.  They have completed the 2011 racing year and are preparing for 2012.

Here is a note from Ronnie to update you on the latest:

I am pleased to announce the addition of two new flyers to our project.
All of the students and schools that raced this past year will continue to participate. We will have at least 9 lofts in the 2012 Race Series. 
With the additional lofts and need for new birds, it is time to start requesting donations again. 
I hope you will share this information at your next meeting and forward to any pigeon people you know.  I realize many clubs will be meeting soon to give out bands and set up their ob season.
Please call or email me if you have questions.
Answers to FAQ:
There is no charge for the extra bird other than the $10 perch fee and it does not have to be designated or activated.
Remaining birds stay in the handlers' lofts and flown in the ob season the following year.
We will return your bird(s) if you really want them back, but let me know so I can put them in the Teacher Loft.  Breeder pays for shipping.
Breeder may designate which lofts birds will be placed.  If not designated, birds are placed on rotation.
Important: If your bird did not make it to the first race, please include one free team with your paid team this year.  You will get two teams for the price of one!  (See Inventory Oct. 23 on Website)    www.studentsvsteacherrace.com
Below I have tried to list those who entered birds this year. If your name is missing, misspelled, or state is wrong, please let me know.
As always, thank you for your support.
John AldayALJohn GallagherFLDan MillerFL
Erio AlvarezFLGary GausawayMSEd MinvielleLA
Mandel ArmourLAJose GomezFLCharlie MooreMS
Steve BalsamoTXAubray GrandisonFLJoe MosleyFL
John BellMSAl HasslerFLAnthony NatalieFL
George BenitezFLNeil HowellTNLaura NecaiseMS
Ronald BinionALJohn HundrupWARon PairanOH
Troy BunnMSSteve & Linda JoneliORRichard ParrinoFL
Mike ButlerMSBuddy LadnerMSCarl & Tim PerryCA
Marvin CarterLAJoey LadnerMSBruce PetersonMD
Tommy CoxALLattimerFLSteve PhillipsAL
Grant CrainTXSteve LawlerWALarry SmithMS
Ron CrainMSPhil LincolnAKBill ThorntonAL
Michael DuckworthMSBob LynchGAFred WernerLA
Elwin EatonCOJack MallardGAByron & Mo WilliamsLA
Jim & Shila GablerILModie MascagniLAPete Yachimske
2012 Students Vs Teacher
5 Student Lofts, 2 School Lofts, 1 Teacher & A Clown

Three Birds $100 entry/ 1 Extra Bird @ No Charge (Optional)
$10 perch fee per bird

Four Races with prize money paid for each race winner.
100 mile race $100 winning bird….25 Points Top 25 birds…1 point increments
150 mile race $150 winning bird….50 Points Top 25 birds…2 point increments
200 mile race $200 winning bird….75 Points Top 25 birds…3 point increments
250 mile race $250 winning bird…100 Points Top 25 birds...4 point increments

1st  High Point Bird -1000 pt                                   High Point Team
2nd High Point Bird - 900 pt                                             $300
3rd High Point Bird - 800 pt                             (Based on 3 Highest Birds)
4th High Point Bird - 700 pt                                Multiple Teams Allowed
5th High Point Bird - 600 pt              

All prizes based on 50 teams entered. 100% of entry fees go to payout.

Perch Fees from race will fund School Pigeon Projects:
Bulldog Loft, Clarkdale Middle School      Trojan Loft, Northeast Elementary
Lewis Loft 9th Grade  Wilson Sisters 8th & 5th Grades   Grimes Loft 7th Grade
Murphy Loft 9th Grade Boles Brothers 8th & 6th Grades    Clown Loft     Teacher Loft 

Birds accepted March 1 – May 25   

Ship Birds to:
Clarkdale Middle School             email:    rshumaker@lauderdalek12.ms.us
7000 Hwy 145 S                                           newgroundfarms@yahoo.com        
Meridian, MS 39301                                   601-659-3133 Home
                                                                        601-938-6775 Cell                  

Congratulations to 2011 Winners
100 Mile Race Ricardo Echenique, MS                                  150 Mile Race Tommy Cox, AL
200 Mile Race Marvin Carter & Modie Mascagni, LA        250  Mile Race Carl & Tim Perry, CA
High Point Birds
1st  631 AU 11 ALEX BB Carter & Mascagni, LA  4th 693 AU 11 ALEX BB Echenique. MS
2nd 1417 AU 11 GSF BB Perrys, CA                     5th 1190 AU 11 BTL BC Howell & Thornton, TN
3rd 1425 AU 11 GSF BC Perrys, CA                         6th  1150 AU 11 CAMP BC Hundrup, WA

High Point Team – Hayloft Pigeon Loft, Carl & Tim Perry, CA